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Drug abuse is rampant in the United States. Overdose deaths have been rising, youth use has increased, and the drugs that are out there have become even more dangerous through synthetics and higher doses.

One of the most abused and dangerous drugs in America is heroin. Business Insider recently posted an article about the main origins, dealers, and impacted areas of the drug. Heroin has become one of the most-used drugs in the United States largely due to restrictions on prescription opiate painkillers, making heroin cheaper and easier for users to get.

Several large Mexican drug cartels smuggle in the drug to densely populated areas such as New York City and the West Coast, using highways that go from the border straight to their destinations Somewhat surprisingly, border states like Texas tend to have lower rates of heroin availability, perhaps due to the culture and police awareness in the area. The West – including Nevada – has one of the highest heroin availability rates in the country at 48%.

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