For Teens Attending a Party:

  1. Know where your teen is.
    • Get the address and phone number of the party host.
    • Tell your teen to notify you if the party is somewhere else.
  2. Contact the host’s parents prior to the party.
    • Verify the time, date and location.
    • Make sure an adult will be present.
    • Make sure alcohol and other drugs are prohibited.
    • Offer to help chaperone.
  3. Know how your teen will get to and from the party.
    • Make it easy for your teen to leave the party if he/she becomes uncomfortable. Provide your teen with phone numbers of other responsible adults in case you are unavailable.
    • Emphasize that your teen should never accept a ride from someone who has been drinking. Ask them to call you or another adult for a safe ride home if one is not available.
  4. If your teen is staying the night with a friend after the party, check with the parents of the friend to verify the information.
    • Make sure the parents have granted permission for the overnight stay.
    • Make sure the parents will be home.
    • Make sure you agree with the other parents on house rules, such as curfew.

For Teens Hosting a Party:

A responsible parent will set ground rules before the party, maintain visibility and awareness at the party and ensure guests do not consume alcohol beverages while attending the party. Your presence will allow you to meet your teen’s friends and properly supervise them in your home.

Take the following steps for a fun and safe teen party.

  1. Set party ground rules with your teen before the party.
    • Let your teen know what you expect and agree to the rules.
    • Select an area in the house where guests will be comfortable and proper supervision can be maintained.
    • Tell your neighbors about the party in advance.
  2. Limit attendance and hours.
    – Specific hours and a smaller group are easier to manage.

    • Agree to a guest list prior to the party.
    • Establish a starting time and ending time so parents will know when to expect their teens to return home.
    • Send invitations or have your teen call each guest personally.
    • Be available for parents of guests to contact you for information.
    • Discourage guests from leaving and returning during the party.
    • Be aware of problem guests and be prepared to ask them to leave.
    • Do not accept party crashers.
  3. Provide entertainment
    • Have snacks and non-alcoholic beverages available
    • Play movies or party games (Pictionary, Taboo).
    • Play dance music.
    • Have plenty of places to sit and talk.
  4. Never provide alcohol to guests under 21.
     It is illegal to offer alcohol to guests under 21 or to allow guests under 21 to use alcohol in your home.

    • Be alert to signs of drug or alcohol use.
    • Ask any teen who tries to bring alcohol or drugs to the party or who does not comply with party rules to leave. Notify the teen’s parents.
    • Call the police if unwanted guests refuse to leave or if their parents cannot be reached.
    • Never let anyone drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Spontaneous, open parties are more difficult to control than planned parties. If things get out of hand, be ready to call other parents or the police department for assistance.