Good Sam, I am.

In an effort to start a dialogue about taking responsibility for ourselves and others when it comes to substance impairment and extend knowledge about Nevada’s Good Samaritan Law, JTNN created the “Good Sam” campaign.

In 2015, the Nevada Legislature passed the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act which, among many bill components, 1) allows greater access to naloxone, an opioid overdose reversal drug, and 2) provides immunity under certain circumstances for a person seeking medical attention for another person who’s experiencing a drug or alcohol overdose. The intent of the Good Samaritan Law is to encourage citizens to call 911 for help.

As part of the Good Sam campaign, we’re asking you to take part in the I Will; For Us pledge. This is a pledge to yourself and others that you will take caution when using any mind altering substances, always finding a designated driver or alternate way home if impaired, use the Good Samaritan Law if you are concerned about a friend or stranger, and encourage others in your life to practice the same commitments you are making. When we are all working together, life is better for everyone.

Join us and be a Good Sam. Click here to download the I Will; For Us pledge and share on social media by taking a photo holding the pledge and using the hashtags #IWillForUs and #GoodSamIAm.