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The Parent Project

Empowering Parents
Transforming Teens

New Parent Project starting Monday evenings from 6 – 8 PM October 11 – December 13. To learn more or register for the class, email

Parents with difficult or out-of-control adolescents ages 11-19, you are not alone! Over 500,000 parents across the country have participated in this FREE program designed to help you become a better parent.

What will I learn?
  • Promoting family unity
  • Managing conflict in the home
  • Teen sleep and diet habits
  • Building positive self concepts
  • Expectations, standards and values
  • Arguing and family conflic
  • Poor school performanc
  • Teen alcohol and other drug use
  • Runaways
  • Early teen sexuality
  • Youth gangs
  • Teen violence and bullying
  • Teen signs and threats of suicide
  • Reduce family conflict
  • Improve school attendance
  • Reduce juvenile crime and recidivism
  • Higher graduation rates

Learn more about the Parent Project® and find all their upcoming classes here.

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