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Marijuana’s Role in Las Vegas Tragedy

When Lakeisha Holloway plowed her ’96 Oldsmobile 4-door sedan into a group of pedestrians on the Las Vegas Strip last month, the reasons behind the reckless act were baffling. Yet, […]

Addiction in Washoe County

In recent weeks, numerous articles have discussed the opiate overdose epidemic in the country. The Centers for Disease Control reports that 44 people die each day in the United States […]

Talk to Me Now

Americans and Nevadans are discussing, debating, and struggling with many issues such as the national debt, health care reform, the upcoming presidential election, and more. One of the topics on that list is “what to do about marijuana” At this very moment if you read any number of articles, blogs, op ed, and more you’ll find convincing arguments for and against legalizing marijuana for recreational use, for and against marijuana as medicine, and for or against marijuana as a substance that the American citizen should be able to choose to use or not to use.

Let’s Not Legalize Another Addictive Drug

There is a growing number of people that seem to think that legalizing marijuana for recreational use is a great idea. In fact, it seems to be an idea that many are so ready for that they can’t see the forest for the trees. Or should I say they can’t see really big problem with marijuana for the pro-legalization rhetoric.