In 1995, a group of concerned citizens started an informal coalition focusing on how to address the growing substance abuse problem in Washoe County. Original conversations and plans centered around treatment services and eventually expanded to include prevention. In 1998, the group chose the name Join Together Northern Nevada (JTNN) and incorporated as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization.

What is a coalition?

A coalition consists of collaboration between groups in the community. Each group retains its own identity while working together toward the common goal of building a safe, healthy, and drug-free community. In that vein, JTNN brings citizens, agencies, businesses, and government together to form a whole that has the ability to identify, measure, and develop strategies to deal with substance abuse problems in the community. JTNN acts as a clearinghouse for information, community assessment, planning, grant funding and administration.

Substance abuse is not selective. Every community throughout the country is touched by substance abuse related problems. Washoe County is no different. Each person has his or her own perception of the problem. It’s drinking and driving, families split apart by chemical substances, drug related crime, prescription drug abuse and people becoming addicted to methamphetamines. How do we begin to solve these problems? JTNN believes numerous strategies are needed to adequately address substance abuse in Washoe County. Essentially, we believe that only through a coordinated effort with our partners, can we make an impact.

JTNN Vision

Our vision is a community that is free from substance abuse and addiction.

JTNN Mission

Our mission is to create a healthy drug-free community by building successful partnerships to support prevention education and outreach.


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